Mikado Nests

Vertical village

Can we introduce informal alternatives to the standardised and monotonous building blocks in the light of rapid urbanization?

Addressing the worlds rapid urbanization, the Vertical Village looks at radical alternatives to the familiar standardized block architecture. Urban villages foster a connected community living instead of isolating citizens in tower blocks.

This 'gardenville' is designed as a complex of individual garden houses, each having a unique concept, reflecting the lifestyle of its owner. The flexibility and informality of the traditional farm plot are the key values of the project. The 2-D village plot is transformed into a more compact 3-D virtual volume. A new villager doesn’t buy a house, but a virtual plot in which he constructs his dream garden, in which he can live and which he's able to adjust at any time. This results in an informal village-like experience.

The structural system of the village is inspired by the Mikado game, which allows a very independent growth. The intersections of sticks generate nodes. Each new element creates extra nodes and therefor contributes to the structure’s strength, i.e. each new villager strengthens the community both socially and physically. The circulation is based on a funicular system, which diagonally passes trough the open structure of the village.

Vertical Village Vertical Village Vertical Village Vertical Village Vertical Village Vertical Village