Collective Tracing

Enriching the biking experience

How do we make the crowded bicycle paths more fun?

Our major cities are experiencing an increased pressure on the existing infrastructure due to the increasing flow of cyclists. This desired development simultaneously brings frustrations for the cyclists. Could we approach these crowds of cyclists as a source of pleasure? This project proposes to celebrate the bicycle crowds in an interactive way.

An installation above the cycle paths tracks the movements of cyclists and records whether they are driving in a straight line. In that case, a trace of colored light is projected behind them. This simple game mechanics encourage fun and desirable behavior. The faster the cyclist is driving, the narrower the strip. When the cyclist is no longer moving in a straight line, the projected tracing line will stop. All projected traces fade within minutes. However, by exactly following the trail of another cyclist it becomes brighter and more permanent. This results in a dynamic composition of brush strokes on the road surface, a collectively colored canvas.

Bike scheme Bike

Part of Happy Biking project for the municipality of Utrecht. In collaboration with Springlab, Open Concept and HIK-ontwerpers.