Cavity of Choice

Religion as consumer product

How could we combine a diversity of religions in one compact building?

The concept of religion is of all times. But while society changes constantly, the ‘religious’ typologies barely evolve. At the same time the increasing pressure on our public space forces us to make more compact cities. The project is approached as an exploration for new spatial translations according to the characteristics of our society. Combining the diversity of religions in one building - Muslims, Christians and Secular spiritualists all being another translation of the same concept - emphasises coexistence, density and tolerance.

The cavity between the different religions is essential in order to distinguish them and give them their individual identity. At the same time it becomes a space in itself; it becomes the cavity of choice. A neutral zone where one can doubt, choose and even switch between the different religions as being consumer products. The design becomes a dynamic composition of mass and voids, both representing opposite values. An informal landscape, defined by formal entities.

values diagram model section d section e

This project was nominated for the Dutch Archiprix 2013.